Episode 09 - Tech & Sport, Part II

The second part of our extensive view unto the techy side of sports.  We pick up right where Episode 08 left off.  Inside this show is a deeper look into fascinating topics and trends in the world of tech and sports like analytics and big-business, techno-stress and positive technology.   We also highlight sport-by-sport ramifications of modern technology use in sports like surfing, snow sports, and golf; ponder a few philosophical questions upon the matter of tech and sport; highlight how you will be watching sports in the not-too-distant-future; look at the positive and negative implications of the relationship between tech and sport for our modern times.  Recorded 3/5/19.  Show note/correction:  Masculine/Feminine energy correlations to brain hemispheres are archetypal-based comparisons.  It is in no way a comment on the genders or individual people, just wanted to clarify that point.

Show Spotlight Feature: Sign of Light – The Robert Kraft Prostitution Case and Its Opportunity.  We’ll dive into why this is actually a positive event, why he is being singled out, and a serendipitous chance for redemption with Gillette. 

Andrew Oster
Episode 08 - Tech & Sport, Part I

The first installment of our extensive view unto the intersection of technology and sports.  Inside this episode is an eagle-eye, macro-scale overview of the relationship between sports and technology across the centuries and up to modern times.  Also in this episode is a peer into the current largest intersections of tech and sport.  Metaphorically, where do these two worlds collide and make baby worlds together?  The realms of ‘sports science’, motor sports, social media, E-sports, and gambling are where, and are dissected. Recorded 3/5/19.   Show notes/corrections: $250 billion dollars is greater than the sum of the world’s top professional sports leagues. WORLDWIDE.  Forgot to add the global part.  And since recording, the Alliance of American Football (AAF) has ceased football operations.  More to come on the story of the AAF when more details emerge.  It ceased operations rather quickly, like tech companies heedlessly do.

Andrew Oster
Episode 07 - Why New Light Sports Is Needed

This podcast is a deeper, intimate look into the role that New Light Sports plays (pun intended) in the world: present and future. I open up and share my vision and show you a glimpse of where this endeavor’s motivation comes from. Come along and take a peek behind the curtain. Recorded on 1/24/2019. Show note: A desirable 'adaptation' was the exact word I was searching for, when discussing evolution. Also, apologies to PGA Professionals and Suzy Whaley, I totally shanked your new job description.

Show Spotlight Feature: High Vibe Athlete Of The Week - Sarah Thomas, American Football Referee.

Andrew Oster
Episode 06 - Evolving Diets, Training, and Recovery Methods

A New Light look at the evolving and high vibing training regimens and diets of the world's best athletes. This includes cryotherapy, pliability, hot yoga, infrared beams, veggies, 4th phase of water, meditation. We also relate how this evolution plays a role in the world at large. Recorded on November 8th, 2018. Show note: Light Therapy refers to other therapies as well as infrared treatments.

Show Spotlight Feature: Signs Of Light - Social Media's Positive Influence Capability.

Andrew Oster
Episode 05 - Just Play: The Joy Of Sports

The foundational reasons we play sports: because it makes us feel good! A different and holistic look at why playing feels so good and the benefits we get from playing. We also highlight positive culture building thought leaders: Positive Coaching Alliance, TrueSport, The Aspen Institute's Project Play, and One World Play Project. Recorded on date: July 28th, 2018. Show note: I realized after the fact that all my joyful culture building coaches and managers are older white men here in America. I invite you to leave your comments about the diverse light from around the world, and we can do a follow up episode about it.

Show Spotlight Feature: High Vibe Athlete of the Week: Steve Kerr, Professional Basketball Coach.

Andrew Oster
Episode 04 - Superstitions, Rituals, And Good Luck Charms

A soulful, deeper look at superstitions, rituals, and good luck charms and why they actually work. We’ll also dive into examples of great athletes and their superstitions, rituals, and good luck charms. Recorded on March 12th, 2018. The quote in question was from Mother Theresa not Mahatma Gandhi.

Show Spotlight Feature: Signs of Light – Unified Korean Women’s Hockey Team

Andrew Oster
Episode 03 - Future Evolution Of Sports Alongside Society's Evolution (Part 2 of 2)

Looking forward with a new light towards the possible relationships of sports to society.  Emphasis is given on society's positive conscience evolution, not the status quo.  Recorded on January 10th, 2018.  Reminder, new email address is NewLightSports@Hotmail.com

NEW Show Spotlight Feature: High Vibe Athlete Of The Week - Malcolm Jenkins, American Football Player.

Andrew Oster
Episode 01 - Energetic Foundations of Sports

A deeper look into the energetic foundations of sports.  How the application of certain natural principals can show you a whole new way to view, and play, sports.  Recorded on December 20th, 2017.  Reminder: new show email is NewLightSports@Hotmail.com.  The rock climber in question is Alex Honnold. 

Show Spotlight Feature: Signs of Light - Who wants to buy a NFL team?

Andrew Oster