Episode 08 - Tech & Sport, Part I

The first installment of our extensive view unto the intersection of technology and sports.  Inside this episode is an eagle-eye, macro-scale overview of the relationship between sports and technology across the centuries and up to modern times.  Also in this episode is a peer into the current largest intersections of tech and sport.  Metaphorically, where do these two worlds collide and make baby worlds together?  The realms of ‘sports science’, motor sports, social media, E-sports, and gambling are where, and are dissected. Recorded 3/5/19.   Show notes/corrections: $250 billion dollars is greater than the sum of the world’s top professional sports leagues. WORLDWIDE.  Forgot to add the global part.  And since recording, the Alliance of American Football (AAF) has ceased football operations.  More to come on the story of the AAF when more details emerge.  It ceased operations rather quickly, like tech companies heedlessly do.

Andrew Oster