Episode 09 - Tech & Sport, Part II

The second part of our extensive view unto the techy side of sports.  We pick up right where Episode 08 left off.  Inside this show is a deeper look into fascinating topics and trends in the world of tech and sports like analytics and big-business, techno-stress and positive technology.   We also highlight sport-by-sport ramifications of modern technology use in sports like surfing, snow sports, and golf; ponder a few philosophical questions upon the matter of tech and sport; highlight how you will be watching sports in the not-too-distant-future; look at the positive and negative implications of the relationship between tech and sport for our modern times.  Recorded 3/5/19.  Show note/correction:  Masculine/Feminine energy correlations to brain hemispheres are archetypal-based comparisons.  It is in no way a comment on the genders or individual people, just wanted to clarify that point.

Show Spotlight Feature: Sign of Light – The Robert Kraft Prostitution Case and Its Opportunity.  We’ll dive into why this is actually a positive event, why he is being singled out, and a serendipitous chance for redemption with Gillette. 

Andrew Oster