JTree Selfie

Hi!  My name is Andrew Oster and you found my bio.  I had this vision for New Light Sports in October of 2017 while listening to sports talk radio.  I listen to a good amount of sports talk radio for my day-job, which is in the environmental monitoring/regulatory field, and was turned-off by how negative the content and the hosts can be at times.  I seriously asked aloud, "Why doesn't anyone cover the uplifting and positive aspects of sports?".  Right then, an answer came from my inner voice, "Why don't you?".  It struck me like a jolt of electricity. Thus, New Light Sports was conceived. 

Having virtually no radio, media, journalism, or podcasting experience doesn't deter me at all.  I enjoy forays into the unknown, into the frontier of things; forging a new way.  If there's one thing I do know, it's that quality, authentic heart-centered content will always find a way to shine.  So I invite you to join along on this journey with me as we shine a new light on sports and the reasons we love them.  

And maybe one day I'll have a more professional bio photo instead of backcountry selfies.